American culture had a huge influence on Japanese kids in the 70’s; fashion, music, cars, politics. Growing up in the city of Osaka, surfing was a faraway dream, but Hiroshi had the opportunity to try it, and that was it – California or bust! After training to be a stylist, he worked his way up to managing one of Osaka’s most prestigious salon companies. He had the opportunity to come to Los Angeles and he took it. Starting right from the bottom again, with the crazy idea to own a salon with an eclectic international team. Thirty-some years later, Object has been a consistently top-rated Westside salon. In 1989, Object opened on Third Street and moved to Santa Monica in 2008.  Clients and staff have known each other for decades. We have been there for first dates, weddings, children and grandchildren and all the everyday stuff in between. Hiroshi has always believed that education is the most important foundation for the sustainability of any salon. He has trained many stylists, proving the theory that growing and supporting your staff creates a successful business. 

He also believes that surfing whenever you can, brings peace and joy.


MASA grew up in Tokyo. He liked to style hair in high school and was always curious as to how a 2D photo translated to a 3D cut. He thought he could do better than his hairstylist, so, he had to study for that! He trained at Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy, in Tokyo and then London, blending travel and education. Every situation and head is different. You have to be able to listen to what a client requests, and rely on excellent technique to achieve it. Over the 20 years that he has been at Object, he has been a kickboxer, a tennis player, a fisherman but most recently, a very happy Dad.

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MAYU grew up in Fukuoka Japan, where she trained and worked before heading to California. She’s living out her high school dream of becoming a Californian surfing hairstylist! Always full of energy and joy, she loves the beach life. Her clients know that she’s on their journey, embracing all opportunities for interpretation. For her it’s fun. With over 20 years of experience in Japan and the US, she has mastered cut, color, Up-do and keratin treatment. For color, she loves the natural brunette looking balayage to platinum blonde, beachy style. For cuts to last longer, she often chooses the dry cut technique. 

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MIKI grew up in Hiroshima Japan. She began her career in Tokyo and then lived and worked in New York before coming to Los Angeles. She’s a thoughtful listener. A very focused and talented stylist at translating a client’s request into reality. She’s specialized in cut, color, balayage, highlights, permanent wave and Up-do. She won First Prize at the International Beauty Convention Long Beach for Up-do creation. Most importantly for her, Miki wants all her clients to feel happy and beautiful so that they can feel their best selves. Time off is not time off at all – she is mom to a super high-energy three year-old who makes us all laugh!

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MIA loves color. Hair is her canvas. Her specialty is coloring, balayage, highlights, vivid color and color correction. She’s enthusiastic about seemingly impossible requests. She’s always taken on the challenges: travel, language, education and building a career. Undaunted, she draws from fashion and makeup, cool trends and unique styles. Constantly in pursuit of new techniques, Mia collaborates with co-workers or joins classes and conventions whenever she can. She lives with her chef husband who comes from the Czech Republic, and their four-legged child.

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KELLI was born and raised in Los Angeles. How many of us can say that? She has 20 years’ experience.  She likes to work with hair that has texture. Problem hair is really not a problem to her. She is specialized in curly hair, thick hair, grey blending and coverage. Kelli has a lot of friends and family here and enjoys hanging out in the city or getting out to the mountains for camping. She has two teenage skateboarding sons, so plenty of stories to share.

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RISA grew up in Nagasaki and arrived in Los Angeles in 2008. She has always been interested in hair, makeup and fashion. This holistic viewpoint has accelerated her technique and ability.  For her, detail is everything and she is a master of cut, balayage, Keratin treatment, highlights and layers of colors that take time and focus. Her specialty is California Beach Blondes, she can create personalized color, particularly to match skin tone. She makes this experience really relaxing and restorative for her clients. It is their opportunity to feel taken care of. She’s a foodie and loves to find new restaurants, particularly Asian French.

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MARIE has been styling hair since she was a child in Tokushima, starting with her sisters. She is licensed in Japan and California. She worked in Osaka for nine years and has been at Object for five.  She loves getting to know her clients as much as she loves to do their hair. It’s the same thing, right? Her favorite thing is to see her clients smile after their service is finished. It’s a great reward. She loves to create beautiful looks with color, highlights, balayage and cutting.  She is happy to be out in nature hiking, at home with her husband who has a PhD in environmental engineering, or with her equally smart tuxedo cat name Suki.

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BRYAN studied at Sassoon’s and Bumble&Bumble. With 20 years’ experience, he is able to give his clients expert cutting and styling, focusing on his native Southern Californian vibe. He specializes in men’s scissor barbering and both long and short woman’s styles. It’s about lifestyle. And for Bryan, that’s about CrossFit and cooking. And just one other thing - he’s a Trekkie so ask him about that.  

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NANA is happy outdoors, particularly the beach where nature provides creative inspiration. She is super skilled in natural beachy blonde styles and low-maintenance color techniques. She also does a lot of textured haircuts that have easy movement. She is passionate about keeping her client’s hair healthy, beautiful and low- maintenance. Her goal is for her clients to feel happy and confident about their hair, every day. She grew up in Japan and worked in Osaka for four years before coming here ten years ago.

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ERICA is not only a well-trained stylist, but also has a degree in economics. She uses both every day. So, it’s no surprise that she’s a big advocate for ongoing education – she wants to keep up and also share knowledge with her clients. Making people feel at their best and most confident has a big impact. Erica does all cuts and colors, she is a blonde specialist and an extension specialist. Her husband and daughter are her world, but she also loves to travel, garden and scrapbook.

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RION was born in Japan but grew up in Los Angeles. She has a degree in Psychology Art Therapy. This passion to help others through creative expression is completely suited to being a stylist. During her studies in Rome, she was able to shadow a hairstylist and it all made perfect sense. Rion enjoys natural, seamless balayage, finely sectioned foil work and highlights, creative color and long-layered cuts. She loves creating artwork, rock climbing, spending time in nature and making her clients feel great. 

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CHOCKY grew up in the Paradise island of Bali. Intrigued to broaden his world and learn more about music and style, he traveled first through Europe and on to the US. He has a degree in Industrial marketing from Michigan State but didn’t find that world interesting. So, inspired by the idea of styling models for fashion shows, better to head to the Jean Louis Salon in France to pursue a position in the franchising division. He has been in Los Angeles for the last couple of decades. Travel is still his greatest inspiration whether for a new haircut, color, or human connection. 

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MEG is from Fukuoka in the south of Japan. She was intrigued with American culture, particularly R&B and hip hop, and she’s particularly interested in braiding and dreads which is something unusual for Japan. She likes to sculpt with hair and try out American style Up-dos.

Meg’s introduction to the US was her gutsy move to study English in rural Illinois, where she knew she wouldn't be speaking Japanese. She’s used to pushing out of a comfort zone and learning new things.

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NATSUMI grew up in Tokyo and was inspired by the unique fashion, makeup and hair of Harajuku. As a ballet dancer from three years old, Natsumi has been conscious of hair and makeup as presentation. She loves color and the process of analyzing what will look good and how colors will react differently on each client’s hair; it depends on individual natural hair color, condition and texture. It’s a science project!  Her other passions are shopping, 90’s music, watching movies and playing with her dog.

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CATALINA, our receptionist, has so many wonderful abilities that Object benefits from. Originally from Romania, she has a Master’s Degree in Tourism, Management and Planning. She also studied in Spain and Canada. Since arriving in Los Angeles she has worked in the hospitality industry and then luckily came to Object. She’s still studying, – more languages, dance and movies!

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