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We listen to what you want and what you need. We fit into your life style. 

We can bring the trends, and experience of what will work with your face.

It has to fit and last.

Haircut, Shampoo, Blow dry       95 - 120

Barbering                                    75 - 100

Blow Dry                                     75 up

Deep Conditioning                      60 up


The mood of your face and presentation of your personality changes through color. This is a modern craft that mashes science and art. We recommend first time clients spend time in consultation, then we make a plan. We are here to collaborate and come up with something that you love.

Single Process Color        120 - 180

Highlight partial                 180 - 240

Highlight full                      240 - 280

Balayage                           260 - 300

Bleach & Tone              Consultation

Color Correction           Consultation


We can re-stage nature and create softer hair -  more volume or less volume. 

We hear, “too wavy”,” too thick”,” too thin”, “too frizzy”. We hear it all, and then we go to work. 

Permanent Wave                 250 up

Keratin smoothing                300 up 

Straight Perm                  Consultation



Lash lift                                   




Classic New Set                       

              - 2 week Refill         

              - 4 week Refill          


Hybrid New Set                       

            - 2 week Refill             

            - 4 week Refil


Volume New Set                     

            - 2 week Refill             

            - 4 week Refill             



Outside Removal 

Outside Refill Classic               

Outside Refill Hybrid               

Outside Refill Volume             


Other Services

Brow Lamination                    


Microblading + Shading          

Powder Ombré Brow              

Lip Blush                                  


Lash Liner                                                        

























Eyelash Extensions are a cosmetic enhancement where individual synthetic or natural fibers are meticulously attached to each natural eyelash, providing length, thickness, and volume

A Lash Lift is a beauty treatment designed to enhance and uplift natural lashes. This treatment is often combined with a tint to darken the lashes, providing a mascara-like effect.


Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique used to enhance and shape eyebrows. During the procedure, a skilled technician uses a small handheld tool with fine needles to create hair-like strokes by depositing pigment into the skin’s upper layers


Enjoy a 20% discount on any service(lash/lift/microblading) as a new client 

Refer a friend and receive a $10 discount for both of you 



Contact us for all inquiries

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